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Women & Youth Empowerment

Women Empowerment & Skill Development 
In Nepal, the proportion of women involved independently in social and public activities is extremely less. Women are underprivileged, under-represented and exploited in all spheres of society. While defining the status of women in Nepal, generally three indicators are kept in mind; Social, Political and Economical status. Socio-cultural, political, economic and educational factors have forced them to live in subjugation by men.

This realization made Laxmi Pratisthan intervene it as a most important thematic issue. Laxmi Pratisthan is organizing, empowering and transforming the skills to empower them into mainstream life.

Women Education Program:

Pratisthan has provided  six-month non-formal basic education training to women. Till this date, Pratisthan has provided education to 160 women of different ages across various regions of the country.

Skill Based Training for Women:

Pratisthan provided different skill based training to women in districts like Kavre, Morang and Sindhupalchok.

Trainings No of training held No of beneficiaries
Cutting and Stitching 7 197
Driving Training 1 69
Beautician Training 3 95
TOTAL 11 361

List of Skill Based training provided to the youths:

Trainings No of training held No of beneficiaries
Basic House Painting 2 60
Tile and Marble Fitting 2 60
Shoe Making 1 80
Electrician 2 94
Plumbing 2 80
Junior Agriculture Technician 1 40
Animal husbandry 2 50
Basic Computer training 1 20
TOTAL 13 484
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