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Dear Friends and Well wishers, Time and tides waits no one. Time is the most powerful power that heals every wound. It has been 5 years that we lost our two sons giving birth to many sons and daughters who were in most vulnerable condition living life in isolation.
Welcome to Laxmi Pratisthan
Laxmi Pratisthan is a memorial foundation founded by the family members and well-wishers in the memory of Late Kumar Gautam and Late Balram Gautam. It is established under the name of Laxmi Gautam, the mother of the deceased, for her consolation, having herself as the Patron and the father Bishnu Gautam as a Chairman. Kumar Gautam passed away on 29th December, 2008 in a motorcycle......
Let’s act for the helpless Chepang! Let’s work for the Humanity!!
Programs carried out by Laxmi Pratisthan for the transformation of Kanda Project2013
Today I am requesting you all to make a favorable environment to improve the living conditions of the marginalized Chepang people leaving in Kanda Chitwan who are now suffering a lot for their survival. Before 5 months, a team of Laxmi Pratisthan has .....

"Empowerment and Employment Creation for Young Rural Women"
Women of Nepal are underprivileged, underrepresented and exploited and forced to live in subjugation of men. Since poor rural households find it difficult to educate their children, especially girl child hardly getsan opportunity to go to the school.....

"Transforming the Worsening Road Traffic in Kathmandu"
According to the Government of Nepal published Economic Survey 2011/12, there are almost 1.3 million motorized means of transport vehicles in Nepal. This huge number comprises of more than 127,000 car, jeep vans, about 10,000 minibuses....

"Co-ordination for Traffic Accident Reduction (COTAR)"
Kathmandu area and its periphery have become more vulnerable to accidents due to the growth of population, lack of space, increasing number of vehicles and negligence and carelessness of riders, drivers and the public.

"One Child One Donor " (View Child List)

Our small money can lead better future of a child and an entire family. One child need not be illiterate, street child and village worker due to financial constrains.
Let's join our hands and bring smile in the faces of innocent children.

"A Day’s Hike for the Social Cause"
"A Day’s Hike for the Social Cause" Please join your hands with us and participate in the Hiking Programme and Nature Walk organized by Laxmi Pratisthan Memorial Foundation for the help and support of village Community Schools serving for students from

"Skill Training"
"Support to Economic Empowerment through Skill Training" Dear Friends! Laxmi Pratisthan (a memorial foundation) has been actively working for the social transformation in rural areas ...

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