Laxmi Pratisthan is a non-profit organization registered under the act of Nepal Government in 2010. Initiated by Mr. Bishnu Gautam as a special tribute to the late sons killed in separate road accidents in within the period of nine months is now a memorial foundation actively intervening diverse programs targeting most needy, vulnerable and poorest of the poor communities from the remotest of the remote parts of Nepal. With its limited resources generated by the personnel donors and well-wishers, the foundation dedicates its services to the people irrespective of country, origin, color, and geography.

Since its initiation, Laxmi Pratisthan is devotedly operational on Health, Education, Women Empowerment & Skill Transformation and Traffic Awareness as four thematic pillars of its vision. These thematic interventions were identified and are being implemented by the experienced members and staffs of the foundation.

Along with the aforementioned activities, currently, the foundation is actively concentrated in Kanda, a village inhabited by the poor, marginalized and underprivileged “Chepang communities”; who are forced to live rigorous life being deprived of the basic and fundamental rights of any common citizen. Considering the issues there, foundation decided to intrude through immediate actions, in an effort to empower the community and to uplift their living through the introduction of socio-economic and educational projects such as reconstruction of homes, agricultural reforms, establishment of well facilitated hostel, facilitation of clean drinking water and health and sanitation related awareness programs.

Current day, Laxmi Pratishthan and its operation at Kanda is able to bring happiness to the ignorant people; making them dream a life of dignity and bring them to the mainstream.