Kumar Balram Memorial Hostel

Kumar Balram Memorial Hostel was established in 2015 by Laxmi Pratisthan to safeguard the rights to education of marginalized “Chepang” children hindered by extreme poverty and geographical situation.

Lack of roads due to the difficult geographical terrain; Kanda is remote village, difficult to access from the main cities nearby. The nearest school or hospital is on walking distance of three (3) to four (4) hours from the village. For those who desperately wanted to study, used to arrive the school around noon being forced to walk several hours to reach. Contemplating this difficulty, most villagers’ holds back their children for household works rather to send them to school for studies. Another issue identified during the survey at this village was extreme poverty. Parents were not able to allow extra foods to their children required as day tiffin during their studies.

Children used to arrive the school around noon being forced to walk several hours to reach the school. In fact, the children were found coming to school being tempted by the tiffin Satu (a handful of gram flour and a bit of sugar mixed water provided by the school). To resolve this problem and to attract children and villagers towards education, Laxmi Pratisthan came up with this idea of building a Hostel with the provision of nutritious food, tidy cloths and quality education was a welcome approach to the village accepted warmly. Currently 164 children are residing in the hostel in the amicable environment with recreational activities.