Kanda Tranformation Campaign

Kanda is a remote village under Rapti Municipality, Ward no-8, Chitwan. To reach Kanda, it takes 2 hours by vehicle from Bhandara to Hattidhap and 6 hours of uphill climb from Hattidhap to Kanda.

In Kanda, 115 families of Chepang community consisting 1035 people reside. The Chepangs are one of Nepal’s most disadvantaged indigenous groups and are classified under the ‘highly marginalized’ category on the basis of a set of socio-economic indicators, such as population size, language, literacy rate, house type, landownership.

As the world has turned out to be a small village with the improved technological development in this 21st Century, news and information are at the tip of the finger. Pressing a button, we could receive the delivery of our order. On the other hand, there are still a mass of people living the live resembling of the 18th century. It’s hard to believe but the story is real. No rays of civilization and development entered Kanda, a remote village of Chitwan. It could be reached after a few hours (about 6 hours) of walk from where the road ends as no facilities could reach there. They are deprived of all the basic rights and facilities they deserve as the citizen of the nation.

“Having known the situation of Kanda, we marched ahead through our operation to Kanda for bringing happiness to the ignorant people, again making them to dream a life of dignity and bring them to the mainstream.”

What Laxmi Pratisthan has done so far at Kanda:

1.   Finished construction of well-facilitated hostel and operating the hostel where 164 Chepang Children are residing.

2.    Established and operating free health clinic.

3.   Distributed seeds of beans and potato tubers and introduced organic farming method in the village.

4.     Delivered skill development training in the field of masonry and carpentry.

5.     Distributed solar panel sets to the all 115 households.

6.     Distributed fruits plants according to topography condition for self reliance.

7.     Finished construction of 65 houses for Chepang Families.