Child Sponsorship Program

Our child sponsorship program is also called as “Friends for Friend Campaign” .This campaign is conceived with an objective to create the feeling of fraternity in which

a capable friend can help

the friend in need through his generous contribution and help the Chepang children to get out of their deprivation and poverty by ensuring their basic and fundamental rights to proper food, cloths and education thus enabling them to earn their livelihood as proficient and responsible citizen in the future. Having already accomplished the ambitious project of building the well facilitated hostel in Kanda; our primary challenge now is to run the hostel in a sustainable way. It requires a big sum of fund to run the hostel with provisions, lodging, clothing and accessories for 164 children. To tackle the financial worries, we have come up with an idea in which an individual friend (donor) can assist a sum of yearly expenses for a friend (Chepang children). The yearly cost for one child is $365, which covers his tuition fees, stationeries, food, uniforms/cloths, accessories, accommodation and other hostel running charges. Here below is the list of each child with their general information and background with the photos to whom a donor can sponsor. Your valuable contribution will guarantee a Chepang child his/her access to education.